HellSING! opens in a castle in Transylvania in 1875 with Dracula (masquerading as Viscount Alucard) attempting to present himself to the local aristocracy as an honest nobleman. On this special occasion, which is also the betrothal to his beloved Elisabetha, the proceedings are interrupted by Van Helsing, his arch-enemy, resulting in the death of Elisabetha. In his grief Dracula puts himself into hibernation.

Dracula is awoken in the present day by the Reinfelds, London Estate Agents, who want to convert the castle into luxury flats. They invite him to London to seal the deal.

Jonathan and Jemina are a modern couple who play in a rock band called The Wild Locusts. They rent an apartment from the Reinfelds and invite them to one of their gigs. Viscount Alucard has also been invited by the Reinfelds and is immediately attracted to Jemina, who is the absolute double of his long-lost love, Elisabetha. Bewildered by his strange surroundings and the sudden realisation that his beautiful Elisabetha is alive he sets out to secure her love and make her his bride. Jemina is torn between this tall, dark, handsome, brooding stranger and her fun boyfriend. Jonathan becomes very suspicious about the intentions of this stranger and begins to dig deeper into his back ground. In his research he discovers Alucard’s true intentions and that he, Jonathan, is also a direct descendant of Abraham van Helsing, the vampire slayer.

The story then follows Jonathan through several stages from the discovery of his family heritage and his bid to stop Dracula taking Jemina for his bride, to his recruitment of various exuberant and ‘off-the-wall’ characters to fight the menace that is Dracula…