The Executive and Creative teams aim to leave a legacy which will provide the benchmark for years to come. We will provide a lasting legacy of opportunity for young people aspiring to enter the world of theatre entertainment, making their dreams come true by launching our Academy of young talent development, providing an access portal into all areas of the business.

Hellsing Productions Board will ensure that the creative and production teams pass on the benefits of their experience and expertise to theatrical aspirants through a series of apprenticeships and an Academy. It is our intention to offer apprenticeships in the following areas: Theatre Direction, Theatre Choreography, Theatre Lighting, Theatre Sound, Theatre Design, Theatre Costume and Wardrobe and Theatre Makeup.

The Academy will offer unique classes in Dance, Acting and Singing for young people (14-18 years old). It will require potential students to audition so entry will be based on ability and potential rather than academic track record or social background and contacts. Teaching staff will be drawn from both the production itself and from carefully selected industry professionals. All staff will be CRB compliant. Participating students will benefit from privileged entry to production rehearsals, reduced ticket offers for their schools, family and friends, and access to their own members’ web page.

A percentage of the price of each ticket will be used to support this programme.